Sebastian Stan Throws Shade At Bucky’s Ending In Avengers: Endgame


The relationship between Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes was an important part of each of the three Captain America films. Friends since childhood and serving together in World War II, Rogers thought Bucky had died during the events of The First Avenger. But then he learned that his best bud had actually been brainwashed and later became the Winter Soldier.

Of course, that was eventually resolved and their story came to a close in Avengers: Endgame, where an elderly Steve passed on the Captain America title and shield. Except, in an unexpected twist, it wasn’t to his old childhood friend. Instead, he chose Sam Wilson/the Falcon and the consequences of this will be the focus of Disney Plus series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

Obviously, though, Bucky fans weren’t happy with Steve’s decision and it seems Sebastian Stan, who plays the character, wasn’t pleased with it, either. Over on Instagram, the actor shared a Tweet calling out Marvel for poor writing in regards to what happened in Endgame and the conclusion of Steve and Bucky’s story. Though Stan didn’t comment on it, he did put a flushed face emoji, seemingly indicating that he agrees with this fan’s thoughts.

What’s perhaps even more interesting though is that soon after the actor shared this, Star Wars Sequel Trilogy actor John Boyega hopped on Twitter to welcome the MCU star. What, exactly, he’s welcoming him to is up for debate, but you can see his cryptic Tweet below.

Of course, given that Boyega has been pretty critical of The Rise of Skywalker recently, it’s likely that this is a reference to his own criticisms of the film and how it handled certain character arcs. But again, both actors have made sure to keep their messages pretty coy, leaving fans to jump to their own conclusions.

That being said, it’s easy to tell that Stan and Boyega feel their characters deserved better than what they got and it’ll be interesting now to see if anyone else from Avengers: Endgame decides to speak up and throw a little shade at the movie.