Second Blade Runner 2049 Trailer Slated For Monday; Watch Moody New Teaser


UPDATE: A second teaser has now been released and can be viewed down below.

“There is an order to things. That’s what we do here; we keep order.” Ryan Gosling’s hotshot Replicant hunter K risks mutiny in the gripping trailer tease for Blade Runner 2049.

Designed to stoke the embers of excitement ahead of Monday’s grand reveal – Trailer Track reports that the sequel’s second full-length preview will clock in at exactly two minutes and 13 seconds – the promo above is all about Gosling’s newcomer and his über-stylish coat. He’s the finest Replicant hunter in the LAPD, but when K unearths a potentially Earth-shattering secret, Ryan Gosling’s character is forced to hunt down the great Rick Deckard, who slipped off the radar a full 30 years ago.

Harrison Ford’s mercurial lead clearly has a major role to play in Denis Villeneuve’s long-in-development sequel, as evidenced by yesterday’s striking, apocalyptic posters, so we’re intrigued to see K and Deckard’s uneasy (?) dynamic unfold on the silver screen. Steeped in the rich DNA of Ridley Scott’s genre-defining original, Blade Runner 2049 certainly looks the part, and even from today’s 15-second teaser alone, Warner Bros.’ fall tentpole is simply dripping with cyberpunk goodness.

It’s merely the tasty appetizer, though, and we fully expect Monday’s mainline promo to shed light on some of the film’s key supporting players – namely Jared Leto and Guardians 2 star Dave Bautista, who believes 2049 is better than its predecessor. That’s a bold claim to make, but given how much success Villeneuve mined in the sci-fi genre through last year’s Arrival, we’re inclined to give 2049 the benefit of the doubt. For now, at least.

Blade Runner 2049 opens on October 6th, 2017, when the lavish tentpole will go up against My Little Pony: The Movie. Expect that full trailer reveal to take place on Monday, May 8th – just in time for the oncoming Alien: Covenant.