Second Glass Trailer Tease Welcomes The Unbreakable Man


The unbreakable man has returned – and we’re not referring to Marvel’s Luke Cage.

In anticipation of the film’s showcase at San Diego Comic-Con, a second Glass trailer tease has debuted, and it’s all about the returning David Dunn (Bruce Willis).

He’s one of three supercharged individuals set to headline M. Night Shyamalan’s atypical threequel, given Glass has also made room in its ranks for the crippled Elijah “Mr. Glass” Price (Samuel L. Jackson) and Kevin Wendell Crumb, the socially deranged ‘beast’ as played by X-Men star James McAvoy.

The latter has already received his own trailer tease (see below), so we can readily expect a third and final promo to emerge around the same time tomorrow, when Elijah Price will be gifted with his own five seconds of fame. Or 15, based on Universal’s track record.

The story goes that, following the disturbing events of Split, in which Kevin’s many personalities were on full display, David Dunn emerges from hiding in order to track The Beast, leading to a “series of escalating encounters” between the two supers.

Just as things begin to get out of hand, Samuel L. Jackson’s sharp-suited nemesis enters the fray as an “orchestrator who holds secrets critical to both men.” The exact nature of those “secrets” is a total mystery at this point, but we do know that American Horror Story alum Sarah Paulson is set to play a psychiatrist tasked with treating David, Elijah and Kevin. Anya-Taylor Joy, on the other hand, reprises her role of Casey Cooke.

Now that two of the three teasers have been released, Glass is on the verge of unleashing the beast its first full-length trailer. Universal’s Comic-Con panel has been set for Friday at 3:45 pm PT, so keep your peepers peeled.