Second Trailer Tease For Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Bares Its Teeth


In what is perhaps Jurassic Park‘s most famous scene, two cups of water vibrate in tune with the T. Rex’s colossal footsteps. It’s textbook Spielberg, really, as the tension begins to escalate long before the grand reveal – the esteemed filmmaker adopted a similar approach to Jaws, too, given the titular shark was totally submerged for the opening 40 minutes.

And just like the thud of the oncoming Tyrannosaurus, the first teaser trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom draws near. Slated for a premiere during Thursday Night Football (December 7th) on CBS, we’ve already caught a glimpse of an erupting volcano thanks to Universal’s initial trailer tease. And today brings forth another sneak peek at Thursday’s big reveal – this time with more teeth – courtesy of director Juan Antonio Bayona.

The Orphanage filmmaker emerged from left-field to replace Colin Trevorrow in the Jurassic World hot seat – as you’ll no doubt recall, Bayona was originally attached to helm World War Z 2 for Paramount, before siding with genetically modified dinos over insatiable zombies – but we’ve heard time and time again that Fallen Kingdom is shaping up to be a “darker and scarier” evolution of Universal’s box office titan.

Because let’s face it: at $1.6 billion worldwide, Jurassic World is a difficult act to follow. Trevorrow’s franchise revival catered to fan nostalgia all the while delivering a new generation of heroes headed up by Chris Pratt’s dinosaur expert and Bryce Dallas Howard’s Claire, who will seemingly leave the high heels at the door this time around.

And not a moment too soon, as it looks as though the Isla Nublar theme park has been resting on a long-dormant volcano this entire time – either that, or the sequel will pay a visit to one of the site’s neighbor islands off the coast of Costa Rica.

All will be revealed when Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom stomps into theaters on June 22nd – and remember, that full trailer will be with us on Thursday, so stay tuned.

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