The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Clip Hits All Its Points

walter mitty cropped

It’s a question we’ve heard in a dozen variations before; how can you live if you haven’t loved? Alternatively, how can you love if you haven’t lived yet? And so on, and so forth, into infinity.

Ben Stiller’s latest film, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, hits this question/theme in its latest clip, along with including a veritable bonanza of other Hollywood elements: comedy, fantasy, adventure, romance, holiday remake. And in two minutes flat?

Impressive effort there, editors.

A remake of the classic 1947 film starring Danny Kaye, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty follows the story of an ordinary and meek magazine worker (Stiller) with a vibrant imagination and a tendency to disappear into his own escapist fantasies. When a picture from a roll of film for Life’s latest issue goes missing, he’s sent to retrieve the photo in a quest that takes him all around the globe

The latest clip from the film shows Mitty attempting to operate his eHarmony account in a subway station before his imagination transforms the subway scene into a daring rescue. Previously featured in the trailer, the two-minute clip details how eHarmony customer service operator (Patton Oswalt) inadvertently triggers a daydream of explosive (literally) proportions when Mitty’s confronted with his lack of his personality.

While ambitious visually and otherwise, critics have responded to the latest remake of Mitty in a lukewarm fashion thus far, making us approach it with cautious optimism.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is scheduled for a Christmas release. Check out the clip below and let us know what you think.