Secret Man Of Steel Villain Revealed?

Though it’s already been long announced that General Zod and his henchwoman Faora will be waging an Earth-bound war against Superman in next summer’s Man of Steel (and reportedly in brutal fashion), thanks to the titles unveiled for an upcoming LEGO set, it appears as if Krypton-destroying villain Black Zero will also make an appearance.

Thanks to Screen Crush (through a source at Brickset) a full list of DC and Marvel LEGO tie-ins have been leaked, and among other interesting labels comes the reveal of Black Zero.

76000 Arctic Batman vs. Mr. Freeze – Aquaman on Ice
76001 Batman vs. Bane – Chase with Tumbler
76002 Superman Metropolis Showdown
76003 SupermanBattleof Smallville
76004 Spider-Man – Hunting with Spider-Cycle
76005 Spider-Man – Mission at Daily Bugle
76006 Iron Man Extremis
76008 Iron Man vs Mandarin
76009 Superman Black Zero Escape

Black Zero made his debut in issue #205 of the Superman comic books, titled “The Man Who Destroyed Krypton” where is was revealed that he was paid to obliterate Superman’s home planet.

With two prominent antagonists on the docket, it would be odd to add in a third villain, especially one that plays such a significant role in the origins of the Man of Steel. My best guess is if Black Zero makes an appearance at all it would be in flashbacks to the destruction of Krypton, perhaps in the same instances where Russell Crowe’s Jor-El will come into play.

The very title of the set “Black Zero Escape” seems to hint at young Kal-El’s narrow departure from a crumbling Krypton at the hands of Black Zero. Of course, this could all just be a case of rampant imagination and LEGO is simply plucking a villain from the bunch for a children’s play set.

As for the other two sets pertaining to Superman, “Metropolis Showdown” likely refers to the previously leaked (though still unverified) smackdown between the Man of Steel and Faora and “Battle of Smallville” to General Zod’s climactic siege of the Kent farm after he learns of Superman’s human alias.

Well, that’s all from the Man of Steel rumour mill today. Superman’s next adventure can be seen on the big screen June 14, 2013.

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