Secret Mysterio Cameo Discovered In Spider-Man: Far From Home


Mysterio is one duplicitous dude in Spider-Man: Far From HomeQuentin Beck begins the movie as this apparent noble hero from another Earth who’s dedicated to saving our world from the evil Elemental creatures attacking Europe. It’s ultimately revealed, however, that Beck is a phoney who’s concocted this entire illusory scheme to get his hands on E.D.I.T.H., Tony Stark’s super-smart A.I. system that was entrusted to Peter Parker upon his death.

And it turns out there was one big hint at the truth about Mysterio early on in the film’s runtime that we all missed, as Beck can be glimpsed in the background during the first time that Peter witnesses the Elementals emerge in Venice. We didn’t notice him though as he’s wearing a cunning disguise – a “sexy dad outfit.”

Those are the words of Jake Gyllenhaal, who teased his secret cameo in Far From Home on his Instagram account a few days ago. Sharing two images of himself in a colorful shirt, shorts and cap, the actor encouraged fans to look for him wearing these clothes in the movie with the hashtag #wheresbeck. It didn’t take long before fans found the scene in question, and you can see Gyllenhaal’s pics and then the shots from FFH below.

This is a neat cameo, as it fits with what we later learn about Beck’s trickery. The Elementals are just holograms projected by a horde of drones, with their path of destruction faked with well-timed explosions and SFX. As such, Beck would need to be close by to control it all and to wait for his cue to turn up as Mysterio and conveniently save the day.

By the end of the movie, Mysterio is supposedly dead and posthumously frames Spidey for his misdeeds. Knowing Beck, though, his demise is probably all a ruse, too. Maybe we should be looking for him amongst the NYC crowd in Spider-Man: Far From Homes post-credits scene?

Source: Twitter