Child’s Play Scribe Don Mancini Weighs In On Seed Of Chucky Criticisms


The Child’s Play franchise is undoubtedly one of horror’s time-honored cornerstones, but it’s not without its faults.

Seed of Chucky, for instance, is considered by many to be one of, if not the most contentious entry into Don Mancini’s cult slasher series. Released in 2004, critics lambasted the horror sequel for its shortage of scares and flat humor, though at least based on early reviews, the recently-released Cult of Chucky (our verdict) heralds a return to form.

When it comes to Seed of Chucky, however, Mancini is quick to defend the divisive sequel, after the writer-director told EW that the 2004 thriller has arguably aged better than any of its peers. Said he:

“That’s the one that honestly, its reputation has grown the most, arguably because it had the furthest to go.”

In retrospect, Mancini believes the character of Glen only struck a chord with audiences after a second viewing, and even though he continues to receive flak via Twitter and other forms of social media, he’ll continue to stand by Seed of Chucky after gaining Wesley Morris’ seal of approval.

I mean, slamming doors and all of that. And I think that turned a lot of people off, I guess. I’m sorry! But, as a gay guy, I love the fact that over the years, [to] the people who saw that movie as children, the character of Glen really meant something to them, and that’s very cool. And also, when the subject of Seed of Chucky comes up, I always very defensively have to say, ‘Well, Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Wesley Morris loved the movie, so who the f— are you?’ Because I still get tweets from people going, ‘Dude, really looking forward to Cult of Chucky but you must know you really f—ed up Seed of Chucky.’

Cult of Chucky is now available on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD. Fair warning, though: the version streaming on Netflix is not the unrated cut after all.

Furthermore, if you’re wanting to go all-in on the Child’s Play experience this Halloween, you’ll be pleased to hear that Chucky: The Complete 7-Movie Collection recently launched via home video, and includes both Cult and Seed of Chucky.