The Sentry May Soon Be Introduced Into The MCU

The Sentry

With Avengers: Endgame now in our rearview mirror and some of the old guard having moved on, it stands to reason that Marvel Studios are now looking toward a future chock full of other superheroes. Already, the likes of Black Panther and Captain Marvel have proven they’re ready to carry the torch in a storytelling sense, not to mention as box office powerhouses.

Of course, Kevin Feige and company will continue looking to the source material as they search for more characters to adapt. And one that’s supposedly being talked about right now is actually the Sentry, who’s quite the cult favorite himself. According to the folks over at Discussing Film, he’s among those next being considered for the silver screen.

But in the eyes of the same outlet, they see difficulty in adapting him due to his convoluted and morally grey publication history. And to be honest, I have to agree with them, because with all the mind-wiping and doing battle with his nemesis, the Void, it may be a little too much for some moviegoers to digest. By the way, the Void is a dark entity projected by Robert Reynolds himself.

the sentry

Then again, Sentry’s backstory could be streamlined for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, if we’re to really think about it. In a way, this would be a chance to introduce someone with a power level comparable to Superman (though some will make cases for Captain Marvel), and would definitely shake up the status quo.

Right now, it’s debatable whether it’d be best to introduce the Sentry in a solo movie of his own, or roll him out as part of a guest role in someone else’s film. The latter has worked in the past for Black Widow, Hawkeye and Black Panther, so exploring that option wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. Time will tell, of course, so all we can do for now is be patient.