The Batman Set Photos Reveal New Details On The Batsuit

Pattinson Batman

If you were on social media over the weekend, you may have noticed the trail of set pics flooding out from location filming of The Batman. Well, the images keep on coming.

Instagram user @Arkhambat has posted the below shots that grab a closer look at Robert Pattinson’s suit and reveal some intriguing new details that may not have been noticed by most in the original photos that surfaced the other day.

See for yourself below:

It can’t be stressed enough how daft it would be to make any kind of definitive judgement based on these photos. Beyond giving those who crave every morsel of pre-release info they can get some early satisfaction – I sympathize with them; I’ve been through phases of it myself – this shouldn’t serve much practical purpose for you, and certainly shouldn’t inform your opinion-making.

Get excited, yes – I’m not being a killjoy. Just don’t, like many in the echo-chamber of fanbase chatter, decide this confirms every suspicion you ever had about DC, or confirm your belief in some Pattinson-induced panacea.

Trailers on the other hand, you can start aligning your pre-release expectations then. I was stoked for Suicide Squad when its brilliant Comic-Con teaser hit. But come its much-hyped, much-promoted “Bohemian Rhapsody” trailer, something felt off, and my expectations went through the floor. Sometimes marketing can sink your expectations only for you to be pleasantly surprised (as in Jojo Rabbit), and sometimes it does the opposite (as in John Wick 3). But it’s still a far meatier impression to go on than fragments of set snaps.

The Batman could rule or it could suck, but we at least owe it the respect of an open-minded verdict. Food for thought.