Set Photos Reveal First Look At Gabriel Luna As The New Terminator


The Spanish capital of Madrid is now playing host to The Terminator, Skydance and Tim Miller’s franchise reboot that’s looking to make amends for the woeful and wholly disappointing Genisys.

There’s even been talk that the hugely anticipated revival, which has welcomed the return of James Cameron (Avatar) as executive producer, could spawn a Terminator trilogy of its own – something Genisys failed to do after just one installment – and with Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger both returning to their iconic roles, it’d be foolish to write off the film’s chances of success.

Now that the cameras are officially rolling in Madrid though, the set photos are starting to pour in and after getting some good looks at both Hamilton and female lead Mackenzie Davis, today we receive our very first glimpse of the new Terminator himself, Gabriel Luna. Seen below, the actor took to Twitter to post a video for his fans while some blurry but still visible pics captured him filming a scene where he seems to be playing the guitar. Don’t ask us why, as no context was given, but you can see everything for yourself after the jump.

Luna, who’s perhaps best known for his role as Robbie Reyes/Ghost Rider on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., is sure to face intense scrutiny as to whether he can bring to the film that same cool, unblinking terror and power that Schwarzenegger brought to the part back in 1984. Chances are he’ll fall short, given how iconic Arnie’s performance was, but we’ll wait until we see him in action before making up our mind.

One thing’s for sure, rebooting one of the most beloved science fiction films of the modern era is a huge undertaking, though after Deadpool, we’re feeling pretty confident that Tim Miller has the directorial stones to pull this off. Besides, he’s got the notoriously perfection-seeking James Cameron breathing over his shoulder, and you wouldn’t want to let him down. Plus, let’s face it, it’s about damn time we got a win from The Terminator franchise, right?