Could Seth Gordon Direct Adam Sandler In Pixels?

After Horrible Bosses’ comedic success truly brought director Seth Gordon into mainstream fame, the budding talent has become a hot commodity. With Identity Thief in post-production, The Only Living Boy In New York set to shoot next, and his name already tied to a Horrible Bosses sequel – we might be adding yet another project to Gordon’s growing directorial list.

The Film Stage is reporting that  Adam Sandler‘s production company Happy Madison has tapped Gordon for an executive producing role on his new project Pixels, inspired by Patrick Jean‘s short film.  So where does Gordon’s directorial interest come in?

Writer Tim Dowling has signed on to re-write the film’s existing script in hopes that it will entice Gordon to direct. As for Adam Sandler, the actor has already expressed interest playing the lead role, no surprises there.

The short itself centers around city dwellers being attacked by pixellated video game characters from the past (such as Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, ect.), but tonal choice is going to play a massive role in the feature film’s success. I would love to see a darker atmosphere be developed from the source material as we watch some type of disaster film/comedy hybrid where the pixels actually cause destructive havoc.

Alas, my pessimistic side believes the material will be treated as a family friendly Bedtime Stories fluff piece, based on Sandler’s involvement.

Either way, I fully trust in Seth Gordon‘s directorial vision and his involvement in Pixels may just be the comedic brain to salvage Sandler’s falling public image. Looks like only time can tell at this point, as we wait patiently for Dowling’s script work to be completed.

So do you guys think if Gordon does sign on as director, can he make Pixels more than another punctuated joke in Sandler’s career?

PIXELS by Patrick Jean from ONE MORE PRODUCTION on Vimeo.