Seth MacFarlane Set To Helm Western Comedy A Million Ways To Die

Either Seth MacFarlane likes having his name branded around the internet or he’s got a lot of free time on his hands, given that in the last week alone he’s announced a Family Guy movie and a guest spot on The Simpsons, whilst also previously agreeing to host the Oscars and to make a sequel to his foul-mouthed CGI bear comedy Ted. That’s not enough for this guy though as this week, he’s also signed on to star in upcoming western comedy A Million Ways To Die, an upcoming western comedy that he also happens to have written – and also plans to direct. Seth MacFarlane, you utter madman!

Yes – perhaps in an attempt to show up Adam Sandler’s project of similar means (a western which also has numbers in its title!) – MacFarlane intends to make “a Blazing Saddles-style movie” with Ted writers Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild at his side. Guaranteed, then, are fairly amusing jokes about horse farts and ill-fitting cowboy hats, jokes which will presumably take up the entire running time of that comparable Adam Sandler project.

Despite the fact that the western is considered a dead genre nowadays, that’s two western comedy flicks set for a 2013 release. Which means that either the most beloved of all American genres is set to make a massive comeback, or everybody involved is going to lose a whole bunch of money. Whatever happens, somebody call Kevin Costner – he knows a lot about both those things.

Source: The Film Stage

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