Seth Rogen And James Franco Break Down The Politics And Development Of The Interview


Before all of the press, cyberterrorist attacks and threats of cancellation, stars James Franco and Seth Rogen sat down with VICE in order to discuss all things The Interview, including the origins of the film and the challenges behind making a topical satire.

The 23-minute clip, which you can check out above, also delves into what the comedy is all about, and proves to be an interesting watch given that Franco and Rogen’s movie has been overshadowed by a massive, almost unprecedented amount of controversy over the past couple of weeks. For note, this interview was recorded on December 9, two days before the planned world premiere.

That first domino fell when major cinema chains began to pull The Interview in light of terrorist threats that were allegedly linked to North Korea. As a result, Sony opted to pull the film indefinitely, stating that it had no plans to release it in theaters or via video on demand. But that stance quickly changed when only a few days ago the company made a u-turn and announced that it would indeed release the Rogen and Franco’s satire in a select number of theaters on Christmas Day as planned.

The Interview is now available to view in select theaters across the country as well as a wide range of streaming platforms including YouTube, Google Play and more. If you’ve seen the film, head on down to the comments section and let us know what you thought of it.