Seth Rogen Urges People To Hang Out Alone Rather Than Party During COVID-19

Seth Rogen

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is only worsening as the long and exhausting year of 2020 wears on. Total global cases have now exceeded 21.5 million and deaths are nearing the 800,000 mark, while the United States remains the epicenter of the outbreak with nearly 5.5 million cases alone. As debates rage on about mask mandates, school and business reopenings, and how the country will repair itself, many are simply turning their focus toward convincing others to keep social distancing.

And that’s exactly the goal of one politician in the United States’ upstairs neighbor, Canada, who has recently released a video calling on fellow Canadian celebrities, Ryan Reynolds and Seth Rogen, to help him spread an urgent message. In a clip posted to Twitter, B.C. Premier John Horgan requested the stars use their influence to engage their audiences and urge young people to avoid partying and other such social gatherings.

Seth Rogen

Reynolds answered the post with a lengthy voicemail recording which ultimately led to him saying, “I hope young people in B.C. don’t kill my mom.” While the quote could be taken as harsh by some, it’s drawn mostly positive reception for being a blunt and obvious truth – the elderly are at the highest risk, and everyone is responsible for public health right now.

Meanwhile, Rogen took a while to respond, but in a tweet sent out on Saturday, the actor and comedian finally shared a quick plea to those from his home country urging them to avoid parties and BBQs. And as you might expect, he made sure to point out that smoking weed while watching movies and TV shows is his best idea for a social distancing activity.

Of course, if you’re practicing social distancing and need a movie to watch, Seth Rogen‘s new film An American Pickle is quite a treat. Its folksy humor and emotionally poignant undertones make it a pretty enjoyable way to spend an hour and a half, but it’s currently only available to stream via HBO Max.

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