New Seth Rogen Movie Will Skip Theaters, Go Straight To Streaming

Seth Rogen

Where once we’d watch a new movie with a bag of monstrously overpriced popcorn in one hand and a cinema ticket in the other, coronavirus has made things rather different. Studios have learnt that the most viable way to get non-blockbusters out is to release them online for our curated home viewing, and that’s exactly what WarnerMedia have chosen to do with Seth Rogen’s newest effort An American Pickle. The comedy, which was originally at Sony and supposed to head to theaters, will see Rogen play two different roles at the same time (hooray) and will be available to stream exclusively on HBO Max from August 6th.

The Pineapple Express star portrays Herschel Greenbaum in the film, a 1920s immigrant who comes to America with dreams of a new life. However, Greenbaum soon falls into a vat of pickle brine which preserves his body for a century. In 2020, he emerges to find his only living relative is his great-grandson who is, you guessed it, also played by Rogen. Yes, I can’t wait for it, either.

An American Pickle

Here’s the thought that immediately crossed my mind though and might’ve crossed yours, too. Was Rogen watching Rick and Morty when he came up with this idea? Just saying. Pickles had no status in popular culture prior to “Pickle Rick” and now it’s like they’re everywhere. I’m sure the pickle fad will pass, though, and there’s just over a month till we can digest, if you’ll pardon the pun, this one.

Thinking of checking out An American Pickle on HBO Max? Drop a comment below with your expectations for the movie. Perhaps you’re hungry for more Seth Rogen. OK, fine, I’m done with the pickle puns. On a more serious note, though, the film does look quite good and you’d be wise to catch it next month.