Several New TV Spots Prepare You For X-Men: Apocalypse

Well, it’s finally here. The latest mutant extravaganza is now gracing theatres everywhere as X-Men: Apocalypse is out in the wild and currently playing in theatres around the world. Critics haven’t been to kind to the film thus far, with many of them pointing out wooden acting, severe plot holes and a dull villain as its main weaknesses, but that hasn’t deterred 20th Century Fox from pushing forward with their marketing efforts.

The studio has released a handful of new TV spots for Apocalypse that are all rather similar. Sporting short bursts of footage mixed in with some favorable review quotes, the videos are no doubt meant to turn the tide in favor of Bryan Singer’s film at the box office this weekend. After all, poor word of mouth can certainly impact the numbers, but given how Apocalypse did overseas last week, 20th Century Fox probably doesn’t have much to worry about.

Still, those negative reviews will probably hurt the movie in the long run and while it would be surprising if it disappoints at the box office as much as Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice did, at this stage, it’s hard to see it topping its predecessor.

Nevertheless, take a look at the new promo videos below and let us know if you’ve had the chance to catch X-Men: Apocalypse in theatres yet.