Sex and the City 3 In No Rush For Production

The ladies of Sex and the City are back in the news, this time regarding the production of a third film. The previous film, Sex and the City 2, had many people up in arms as it showed the girls heading to Abu Dhabi. It was criticized for ‘racism and cultural insensitivity’.

This could be one reason a third film has not been in discussion lately within the studio. As well, the second film only generated $95 million domestically, which is roughly $57 million less than the first film.

Kristen Davis, who plays the role of Charlotte York, on the other hand tends to disagree.

There are no plans that I know of but I would love to do a third film. We all want to do it. I guess it’s just figuring out whether it’s the right thing to do and if we can move the characters forward anymore.

I personally think enough is enough already. The ladies had a very successful run with the television series and have had a legit run at the box office with two films. It seems to be a problem these days for people to recognize when their ‘time’ is up.

What do you think? Is it time for the four to finally hang up their jackets and call it a day?

We’ll be sure to keep you updated if any news arises.