Things Get Sexy In Third Trailer For 300: Rise Of An Empire


In case you have not noticed, I am all kinds of excited for 300: Rise of an Empire. Greeks! Persians! Sea-battles! Rodrigo Santoro in gold-lame underwear! There are just so many things to love about this film, and it has not even been released yet. The trailers just keep on wetting our appetites for blood and battle, but thus far have been somewhat light in terms of the actual plot of the film. The latest trailer hopes to rectify that issue, although if you didn’t know what to expect from this film by now, you haven’t been paying attention.

Our newest look at the upcoming sequel features a few glimpses into the past of the god-king Xerxes and his naval commander/witchy woman Artemesia (Eva Green). Encouraged to deepen his voice and put on some eyeliner, Xerxes emerges as the leader of the Persians, all set to do some serious battle with those Greeks, here represented by General Themistocles (Sullivan Stapleton). Artemesia takes the Persian navy to go after the Greeks in style. Meanwhile, the Spartan Queen (Lena Headey) is planning some vengeance of her own following the death of King Leonidas and his brave 300 Spartans.

While we are unlikely to get anything in the way of actual history with 300: Rise of an Empire, these trailers tell us to expect a lot of blood and glory, and probably a little more blood. Eva Green looks like she’s having fun being a bad girl, too, what with all those wet, muscular men running around. There’s no doubt that this film will do exactly what it promises with good, old-fashioned sword and sandal slaughter. Personally, I cannot wait.

You can watch the latest trailer for 300: Rise of an Empire below. Then, let us know what you think about the rise of Xerxes in the comments section.

300: Rise of an Empire slices its way to theatres on March 7, 2014.