Shane Black’s The Predator Confirmed For 3D Release


3D was a fad, and it’s on the way out. There were a couple of films (Gravity, Life of Pi, Coraline, Cave of Forgotten Dreams and, of course, Avatar) for which it seemed absolutely crucial, but for the most part, it adds nothing to a movie other than the annoyance of having to wear silly plastic glasses.

Frankly, the novelty wore off a pretty long time ago, something borne out by the death of 3D televisions and the gradual reduction in 3D screenings for major blockbusters. All this makes the news that Shane Black’s take on the galaxy’s fiercest big game hunter – The Predator – is due to get a 3D post-conversion a bit underwhelming.

I guess the Predator’s signature triple-laser sight sweeping through the smoky night could look pretty cool in 3D, and it might make some of the action scenes a little more visceral – especially if a few bloody skulls get waved at the screen. But is it really something to get excited about? I suspect not, but your opinion may differ.

We learned this week that the suburbia-set film is undergoing some reshoots in Vancouver, though it’s still on course to arrive in theaters on September 14th. In slightly more interesting news, Dekker also confirmed that we should see a teaser trailer very soon, which is definitely exciting.

Personally, I’ve always had a soft spot for the Predator, with the titular monster being one of the cooler alien designs out there and the ‘noble hunter’ concept behind the species pretty neat. Plus, Shane Black kicks ass. So there’s that, too. All this makes me being there on opening night for The Predator a dead cert. Though you can guarantee that I’ll be looking for a 2D screening, that’s for sure.