‘Shang-Chi’ star wants a showdown with Wolverine in the sequel

shang chi

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings opened up a whole new corner of the MCU and, given that it proved to be such a hit with fans, we can no doubt expect more from Simu Liu’s master martial artist in the future of the franchise. It also seems likely that he’ll be crossing over more directly with the rest of the universe, given that Hulk and Captain Marvel cameod in the movie’s post-credits scene. But could Shang-Chi encounter the most famous X-Men of them all, the one and only Wolverine?

That’s what one Shang-Chi star is hoping, anyway. Florian Munteanu plays Razor Fist, Wenwu’s gadget-armed henchman who managed to outlive his boss and come out of the movie alive. Seeing as Razor Fist is now on the side of the good guys, working for Xialing’s rebooted Ten Rings organization, we can probably expect more from him in the sequel. And, given the choice who he’d face off next, Munteanu would go for James Howlett. Here’s what he had to say to ComicBook.com on the topic:

“There is so much to tell with this character, as you know, in the comic books, he has two blades and a beautiful matchup, and fans are sending me stuff from the comic books where Razor Fist actually meets Wolverine, which I think would be a cool matchup, blade against blade. That sounds awesome to me, so I feel like there’s a lot of potential.”

Munteanu also revealed in the same interview that he really wants to explore the “emotional side” of his character as he believes Razor Fist has “a lot of heart” and possesses a strong “loyalty” to Wenwu and his family. The actor likewise teased that he’d liked to find out how he came to be part of the Ten Rings and how he lost his arm in the first place.

At this stage, Marvel has yet to confirm where exactly Wolverine will be making his debut in the MCU, but we know it’ll happen eventually. Some kind of X-Men reboot is on its way, though the studio is more immediately interested in bringing over the Fantastic Four from Fox’s universe and into their own. And fans have wondered if Shang-Chi actually set up Galactus’ arrival, so maybe Razor Fist will battle the World-Eater instead of Wolvie in the follow-up.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is available on Disney Plus.