Shang-Chi Theory Says That Lil Nas X Survived Thanos’ Snap

It’s sometimes mindblowing how the lore of the Marvel Cinematic Universe develops but one amazing fan has added to it in an absolutely incredible way. A recent post by Reddit user LegendofConner put together some pieces of a puzzle that would prove Lil Nas X, the creative mind behind popular tracks like Old Town Road, Montero, and Industry Baby, would have survived the Thanos Snap.

According to the theory, the movie was set in 2023 and the snap took place in 2018. As Shang-Chi and Katie sing Old Town Road at karaoke during the film (which takes place in 2019) it proves that Lil Nas X must have survived the snap to be able to release the song to the public. This would also mean that Billy Ray Cyrus and Jason Aldean as well as potentially other artists that collaborated to make various remixes for the song.

The theory has gone so viral that Lil Nas X himself has actually commented on it via Twitter, even saying, “need someone to sync thanos listening to industry baby.”

Fans seem to adore the theory and we can only hope in the future Lil Nas X gets a cute nod of cameo in another Marvel Cinematic Universe film.