MCU Fan Notices Avengers Easter Egg In Thor That We All Missed

Thor 4

When it comes to the MCU, we often find that every detail has some significance for future movies or the overall coherency of this shared fictional universe, and what better way to prove this than casually slipping in an intricate Avengers Easter Egg in the first Thor?

The God of Thunder has gone through one hell of a character arc in the last 10 years, first starting as an insolent Asgardian prince who didn’t know the value of humility or what it means to be a hero. In fact, in the first Thor, Chris Hemsworth’s character was so far off from the person we came to know and love that his father Odin had to banish him from Asgard and strip him of his powers. This led to the godly weapon, Mjolnir, crash-landing in New Mexico and drawing the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D. Now, an eagle-eyed fan has found a clever Easter Egg in the scene where the hammer breaks through the enchantment and flies to Thor.

With the level of fan participation that Marvel is usually accustomed to when it comes to these films, you’d think that people would have found all of these references long ago. But apparently, that couldn’t be more wrong. Even after so long, the MCU can find new ways to surprise us with its clever foreshadowing of future events.

As you can see below, in the aforementioned scene, when the scientists are examining Mjolnir, there’s a high-angle shot with the impact site creating the Avengers logo, depicting the iconic “A” and the circle which envelops it.

Of course, the roadmap to the first Avengers movie started in 2008’s Iron Man, when Nick Fury discussed the initiative with Tony Stark aka Iron Man, but it’s still interesting to see clever Easter Eggs like this are scattered across the films to be found.

Tell us, though, what do you make of this reference and its significance in the context of the first Thor? Sound off in the usual place below.