Shaun Of The Dead 2 Isn’t Happening; Director Explains Why


Shaun of the Dead is the 2004 U.K. horror-comedy smash hit that made the likes of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost household names to American movie audiences. From the potential box office sales and dedicated fan base, it would seem logical that a sequel might be eyed by its creators to get ahold of some of that cold, hard undead cash.

Don’t hold out hope, however, as director Edgar Wright apparently has more integrity as an artist than making a quick cash grab sequel. In fact, the director explained in a recent interview that he doesn’t have a desire to make a sequel of any sort to the zombie flick, not even as a producer.

“I haven’t gone back to horror-comedy, because with Shaun Of The Dead I felt like I had said much of what I wanted to say with that movie. It’s difficult to return to that, even as a producer. Sometimes I get sent films – people want to make the next Shaun and want me to come aboard as a producer. But I find it difficult to cover the same territory again,” Wright said in an interview with SFX Magazine.

While many fans of Wright’s films may be disappointed to hear he won’t return to that world, the singular vision he has as a director with each film presenting something new for him to tackle or innovate is exactly the spark that helped make Shaun of the Dead a success in the first place. Wright’s newest film will be a psychological horror called Last Night in Soho.