DC Fan Spots Cool Connection Between Shazam! And Batman V Superman


“This means something. It’s all some people have, it’s all that gives them hope.”

That’s Lois Lane there, dolling out some much-needed wisdom to Clark Kent during the lull of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. It’s at this very moment that Amy Adams’ character reaches up to lay her hand on that famous ‘S,’ only to stress that the House of El crest is more important than Superman realizes. Cue the come-to-Jesus moment, and the Man of Steel’s titanic clash with Bats.

Fast forward to 2018, and as we await Shazam!‘s first-look trailer (ETA: Saturday, July 21st), one perceptive DC fan appears to have uncovered a cool parallel between David F. Sandberg’s 2019 adventure and Batman V Superman, the franchise crossover that helped birth a universe back in 2016.

Feast thy eyes:

Pretty cool, no? The second image is pulled from Entertainment Weekly’s coverage of Shazam!, which just brought forth a second close-up of Billy Batson suited and booted. Here we see Billy’s fellow orphan, Freddy Feeman (It star Jack Dylan) placing a hand on that famous lightning bolt, which appears to be glowing with some form of magical, god-like energy.

Beaming with childish wonder, Freddy’s face pretty much captures our own enthusiasm for Shazam!, which looks set to deliver a totally different comic book movie experience. And this parallel? We’ll chalk it up as a subtle nod to Batman V Superman, as placing a character’s hand(s) on top of a superhero logo isn’t exactly original in the realm of costumed crusaders.

Shazam! opens big on April 5th, 2019, and it’ll seemingly help launch a new era of DC movies alongside the star-studded Aquaman movie.

Source: Instagram