Did Shazam Have A Cameo In Justice League?


This one may be a bit of a stretch, but hear us out…

Justice League might not be the hit that Warner Bros. were no doubt hoping it would be, but there really is much for fans to love in the movie – no one can deny that. As it brings together six of the DC universe’s biggest names, there’s a lot of history to draw from and, while it doesn’t have much time to do that in its surprisingly lean 120 minute runtime, it tries its best to call back to a few classic comic book arcs and characters, as well as paying homage to previous DC pics that have come before.

It’s not only the easter eggs that fans need to be on the lookout for, though, as the film is also stuffed full of cameos, with numerous DC Comics characters, both major and minor, showing their faces. But could it be that a future Leaguer was included as well, and no one even noticed? It’s certainly possible, as fans have begun to speculate that none other than Shazam had a quick cameo during the opening moments of Justice League.

Now, it’s worth noting that it isn’t the adult version of the hero who’s thought to be involved here. Rather, it’s Billy Batson, the young boy who’s able to turn into Shazam by speaking that magic word. The scene in question occurs at the start of the film, where we see (actually, we just hear) a child interviewing Superman. If you listen closely, his friend seems to call him Billy, though with the dialogue being hard to make out, we can’t say for sure if that’s his name.

Even if it is, that obviously doesn’t necessarily mean he’s Billy Batson. But then again, what are the odds Warner Bros. would choose that name if he wasn’t? Besides, we already know that Billy has a history of being a reporter in the comics, and this scene would certainly tie into that. Not to mention that it’s also been heavily rumored that Superman will show up in Shazam, so having the two meet here would plant the seeds quite nicely for their future encounter.

Again, this is definitely a stretch, but it’s not too outside the realm of possibility. After all, with David Sandberg’s solo outing for Shazam gearing up to head into production, it’s time for Warner Bros. to start introducing the character to moviegoers, and what better way to do that than to include him in Justice League, the most high profile DCEU pic yet?