Shazam! Meets Captain Marvel On Hilarious New Fan Art


Shazam! is set to bring the titular boy turned superhero to the big screen for the first time next year. But, as anyone vaguely familiar with the character knows, he didn’t always go by that name. For decades, Billy Batson went by the alter ego Captain Marvel, until Marvel Comics legally acquired the title. By a weird quirk of fate, the House of Idea’s own Captain Marvel is making her cinematic debut in 2019 as well.

Inspired by this, one fan has now created a hilarious twist on the popular Spider-Man doppelganger meme. You know the one – as taken from the classic 1960s cartoon, it sees two Spideys pointing at each other as they recognize their twin. In this version, Zachary Levi’s Shazam and Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers cross paths. Fan artist Rymslim Art shared the piece on Twitter, captioning it: “Hopefully… no body has done this #Shazam #CaptainMarvel #SpiderMan.”

The artist has a good eye for capturing these heroes. As well as recognizably being Levi’s version of the character, the piece works in Shazam’s soda can and bubblegum from the promo posters. While we don’t see Captain Marvel’s face, the outfit’s a spot-on replication of the green costume we’ve glimpsed in set photos. This is thought to be the first version of the heroine’s suit, too, before she changes into the iconic red, blue and gold version.

Interestingly, Shazam! will apparently play around with the hero’s name change from his original Captain Marvel moniker. Zachary Levi wouldn’t divulge any spoilers, but he did promise that “there’s fun had” with the switch.

Captain Marvel is the first of the pair to hit theaters, as it arrives on March 8th. Shazam! then flies into cinemas on April 5th.