Shazam! Director Explains Why The Suit Reveal Was Delayed


If you’ve been paying close attention to Shazam!, you’ll likely recall the moment when David Sandberg placed the DC community on red alert after announcing that the official reveal of Zachary Levi in costume was “right around the corner.” That was three months ago…

So, what gives? Turns out a change of plans delayed the official suit reveal (indefinitely, perhaps?) and Sandberg still isn’t sure what Warner Bros. has planned for his 2019 standalone movie. While responding to one curious fan over on Twitter, the former Lights Out director admitted that those initial plans were either scrapped or changed at the 11th hour, and he’s no more knowledgeable about the situation than you and I.

[The] plans changed, from what I’ve been told. I don’t know what the current plans are. I’m now just focusing on making a good movie and trying not to talk about things before I’m supposed to talk about them.

It’s disappointing, of course, but not so much that it’s taken away from our excitement. Besides, with an A-list cast and a truly novel concept locked in, Shazam! has all the makings of a sleeper hit.

Imbued with the strength of the gods, Billy Batson evolves into Shazam, an uber-powerful being who still retains the curiosity of a child. It’s for this reason that Sandberg’s DC movie has been described as Superman meets Big (how’s that for an elevator pitch?), and if nothing else, the 2019 standalone pic will undoubtedly bring some levity to the po-faced DC Extended Universe, which is perhaps exactly what everyone needs after the dreadful Justice League movie.

Of course, there’s still Aquaman to look forward to, and we know James Wan plans to plunge into the depths of Atlantis this December. And after that? Shazam! is all set to take flight on April 5th, 2019, so it shouldn’t be too much longer before we have an official photo of Levi in costumed. Stay tuned.

Source: Twitter