Shazam! Deleted Scene Teases Black Adam’s Arrival


With Shazam! just a few days away from hitting digital, Warner Bros. has released a deleted scene which seemingly hints at another major DC player’s arrival.

The casting of Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam was announced back in 2014 when the DCEU was still a one-movie universe, but jump to the present day, and we’ve yet to see The Rock suit up. Now that Zachary Levi’s Billy Batson has made his debut, however, it seems the gears are finally turning for his famed foe.

The theatrical cut of David F. Sandberg’s film already offered a brief reference to Adam’s connection to Shazam, and in the newly shared clip, we get a more ominous tease of the pair’s inevitable clash. In what looks to be an unused post-credits scene, the six members of the Shazam Family settle into their new lair in the Rock of Eternity. When Mary points out that there’s still one empty throne in the room, Darla insists that whoever the chair is meant for will be accepted as an automatic part of the family.

No doubt Darla’s kindness will be tested somewhere down the line, though it could still be a good few years before Black Adam actually crosses paths with the Shazam Family. A couple of months ago, Johnson mentioned that his solo movie is scheduled to begin shooting next year, suggesting that a 2021 release is likely. But while some fans are hoping that the film will set up an appearance from Adam in Shazam! 2, the post-credits of Billy’s first flick implies that the sequel’s main villain slots will instead be occupied by Mister Mind and the Monster Society of Evil.

In short, it looks like Warner is playing the long game with this newly unveiled tease, but for now, fans can look forward to Shazam!’s digital release on July 2nd, before the film comes to Blu-Ray and DVD on July 16th.