Is Shazam’s Director Teasing A Role For Batman?


The next DCEU movie set to go before the cameras is the long-awaited Shazam, starring Asher Angel as Billy Batson, the boy who can say a magic word and transform into a superhero (Zachary Levi). As well as Mark Strong featuring as the villainous Dr. Sivana, previous reports have suggested Henry Cavill’s Superman and Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam could put in appearances, too. But could there be another prominent DC character involved as well?

It certainly looks that way, as the movie’s director, David F. Sandberg, took to his Instagram account to post this fun mash-up video that he appears to have made himself. It features a scene from a DC animated production involving the Dark Knight checking up on a helpless Billy, who blows Batman away (literally) by transforming into Shazam. The video then cuts to a clip from Batman V Superman, as Bruce Wayne wakes up from his Knightmare dream.


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So, is Sandberg just messing with fans here? If so, it wouldn’t be the first time. Not too long ago, in response to a wild rumour that he had been removed from Shazam, the director took to Reddit himself and jokingly replied to the claim.

Still, there’s definitely a chance that he’s genuinely teasing an appearance from Batman in his movie. It’s possible that DC are looking to make Shazam their equivalent of Spider-Man: Homecoming – a young, rookie superhero being mentored by one of the franchise’s big guns – and if that’s the case, then this would make sense.

However, it makes us wonder which Batman will appear in the film. Reports state that Ben Affleck is on his way out of the role, with Jake Gyllenhaal the current favourite to replace him. So, will the rebooted Caped Crusader debut in Shazam, setting up their starring role in The Batman? Or could it mark the final appearance of Batfleck in the DCEU?

All we know for now is that Shazam is currently in pre-production, with the movie ready to go before the cameras next February ahead of its April 5th, 2019 release.