BTS Pic Heralds Our First Look At Zachary Levi As Shazam!


While a full costume reveal is said to be imminent, Reddit (h/t CBM) has today uncovered our first true look at Zachary Levi suited and booted as Shazam!, the DC titan imbued with the powers of the gods.

It’s taken from behind the scenes, and only shows the back of a fully-costumed Zachary Levi as he looks away from the camera – and towards the festive decorations, no less. That means there’s a slight chance this could simply be Levi’s stunt double, or another stand-in fortunate enough to don the famous super-suit.

Peer close enough though and you’ll also notice Mark Strong moseying around set. He’s Hollywood’s go-to bad guy, and sure enough, Strong has signed on to play the villainous Doctor Sivana opposite Billy Batson, who transforms into a god-like deity after drawing power from Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury – hence the catchy name.

Here’s that set photo in question (along with some concept art of Levi in character):

With an official reveal seemingly right around the corner, this will likely be a primer for Warner’s big Shazam! showcase. Either way, we know Sandberg’s superhero romp will be a lighter and more humorous expansion of the DC Extended Universe, which is perhaps the perfect tonic to the vastly underwhelming Justice League. And it’ll share the 2019 slate with Diana Prince, given Patty Jenkins has already set the wheels in motion on Wonder Woman 2.

He’s appeared in Chuck, Tangled, and even Thor: The Dark World, but in 2019, Zachary Levi will get his shot at the big time thanks to Shazam!. Filming is now underway on David Sandberg’s DC spinoff, which is said to be targeting a release next April. Stay tuned for more on that front.

Source: Reddit