Shazam! Headed For 3 Weeks Of Reshoots Next Month


With Wonder Woman 1984 delayed by a whole seven months, it looks like 2019 is set to be the year of Shazam!, at least as far as DCEU releases go. Now we’re hearing from Production Weekly that the crew will be returning to Toronto for three weeks of reshoots, beginning some time between November 1st and the 18th.

If all this recent talk of Warner steering the superhero franchise in a new direction is anything to go by, it looks like Billy Batson’s big screen debut will stay relatively isolated from all the Justice League action that came before it. Though it was reported last month that Henry Cavill’s Superman was originally planned to show up at the end of the movie in a Nick Fury-esque cameo, it doesn’t look like this crossover meeting will be happening anymore, not least because Cavill has seemingly dropped out of the franchise.

Though the news has been a little thin lately on this David F. Sandberg-helmed film, star Zachary Levi did take the time to troll a rival superhero from X-Men universe earlier this month, taking to Instagram with a photo showing that he’d parked in a space reserved for Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds.

The funny thing is that this pair should probably get along pretty well given their shared passion for meta-humor. Levi has mentioned that the upcoming movie has a little fun with the fact that Shazam has previously gone by the name Captain Marvel, which also happens to be the superhero alter ego of a certain Carol Danvers from the MCU. With the Captain Marvel movie due for release less than a month before Levi’s flick, it seems that while the actor may not get his wish of fighting Superman, that doesn’t mean he won’t have any other heroes to compete with.

In any case, we’ll see what sort of future Shazam! helps carve out for the DCEU when it hits theaters on April 5th, 2019.

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