Shazam Will Be Split Into Two, Dwayne Johnson Gets His Own Black Adam Movie


Deadline is reporting today that Warner Bros.’ upcoming DC adaptation, Shazam will be split into two films, with one focusing on the titular hero and the other on Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam.

The two projects will be developed concurrently and the decision to make the split came from a meeting that the actor took last week with DC Films co-head Geoff Johns. Things went so well between the two that the studio decided to give Johnson his own feature, rather than just make him the villain of Shazam.

It makes perfect sense, too, seeing as The Rock is one of the biggest stars on the planet at the moment and we all know that the DCEU could use a shot in the arm right about now – especially if those reports about Wonder Woman turn out to be true. If there’s someone who can turn things around for the studio, it’s Dwayne Johnson, who’s known in the industry as “franchise viagra.”


While Warner Bros. could have potentially had him stick around after Shazam, making Black Adam the villain of the film would certainly have limited Johnson’s role. Now, with his own feature film all to himself, the studio can, and no doubt will, build a whole franchise around the character. Like we said, it just makes more sense this way and it’s hard to blame WB for wanting to give the actor more breathing room in their cinematic universe.

Reports say that Black Adam will be positioned as an anti-hero and while it’s unclear whether or not he’ll still be in Shazam, we’re hearing that the two will eventually meet somewhere down the line. We also understand that this project is now a top priority for Warner Bros. and may arrive sooner rather than later, with Black Adam said to have a cameo in one of the upcoming DC films. Which one it’ll be isn’t known right now, but let the speculation commence.

Tell us, are you happy to hear that Shazam has been split into two films, giving Dwayne Johnson a larger role in the DCEU? Sound off down below with your thoughts!