Shazam’s Dwayne Johnson Talks More About The New Era Of The DC Extended Universe


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice faced the wrath of critics for being too bleak and nowhere near “fun” enough, while Suicide Squad‘s attempt to rectify that led to the movie being a chaotic mess which somehow fared even worse when it came to its Rotten Tomatoes score.

Now, all eyes are on Justice League to make things right, and all we keep hearing is that it will help set the DCEU on a whole new path (one which doesn’t sound too different from the MCU). With Shazam now on the horizon, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – who will play Black Adam in the film – has begun talking more about this cinematic universe undergoing some big changes.

Taking to Twitter earlier this afternoon, the Baywatch star had this to say about Shazam playing a key role in helping to change the face of the DCEU:

“DC fans will start to see this shift in tone in future movies. Exciting time and I’m fired up to help usher in a new DC era.”

At this stage, hearing about Warner Bros. shifting the direction of their upcoming DC films is getting a little old, especially as we have no idea whether or not it will actually work out any better than the current tone. It’s easy to imagine Shazam being a very big and bombastic movie, but is that a good thing?

Don’t get us wrong. Johnson’s always an exciting and charismatic screen presence, and while his take on Black Adam and company being along the lines of Fast and Furious may be good for the box office, it might not be exactly what fans want.