Shazam!’s Zachary Levi Says He’ll Play Black Adam If Dwayne Johnson Walks

Black Adam

Now that the Shazam! movie has come and gone, I can’t be the only DC fan who’s sitting around waiting for the supposed Black Adam solo flick. Granted, I’m not entirely sure that Teth-Adam warrants a film of his own, but we’ve long been promised that each character’s story would be told separately at first. Heck, Dwayne Johnson was cast all the way back in 2014!

So, even though we’ve been given constant reassurances from “The Rock” himself, it’s important to note we’ve yet to receive anything concrete from the studio regarding the release date – or anything else for that matter. And seeing as how Johnson is in such high demand, that hasn’t helped alleviate fears of further delays, or even his vacating the role.

Believe it or not, the Big Red Cheese himself, Zachary Levi, has one solution for the worst case scenario. Here’s what he laid out while speaking at MegaCon in Orlando over the weekend:

“For a minute, I thought if The Rock was ever like, ‘You know what? I’m too busy and I’m not gonna play Black Adam. I was like, ‘You know what I could do?… They’re supposed to be twinsies anyway, just different stylists. That could be kind of cool. You know, cause I’d get to play the really dark version of myself essentially.”

Come to think of it, that could actually work because Teth-Adam is essentially the darkest reflection of Billy Batson. Plus, having the same actor playing hero and villain isn’t something you get to see too often. I guess it also helps that Black Adam was merely hinted at in Shazam!, with subsequent films set to flesh him out. In other words, the casual moviegoer has no reason to picture Dwayne Johnson specifically.

Tell us, would you been down for seeing Zachary Levi playing a dual role? Sound off in the usual place below!