Sherlock Holmes 3 May Shoot Next Year, Says Producer

Sherlock Holmes 3

Sherlock Holmes 3

Though it was once set to hop in front of the cameras all the way back in 2016Sherlock Holmes 3 unfortunately fell by the wayside as Robert Downey Jr.’s Marvel Cinematic Universe commitments began to grow – which is, admittedly, understandable. Last we heard, Warner Bros. had assembled a writer’s room to put together the script, but that was well over a year ago and since then, there’s been little to no movement on the project.

Still, it sounds like the studio’s keen on the idea of reuniting RDJ with his literal partner-in-crime, Jude Law – who plays John Watson – and director Guy Ritchie. It’s that core trifecta that brought Sherlock Holmes to international success some years ago, even factoring in the somewhat disappointing sequel, A Game of Shadows. The decidedly British aesthetic coupled with Downey Jr.’s charismatic and enjoyable turn as the world-famous detective was a hit with moviegoers and now, fans are crying out for more.

Thankfully for them, all parties involved seem to be interested in continuing on with the series. Though there’s been no official update from Warner Bros. just yet, producer Joel Silver spoke with Cinema Blend this week and confirmed that not only is the project still moving forward, but it may even get off the ground sooner than we think.

“Sherlock Holmes 3 is happening, that’s coming. That’ll probably get done maybe about a year from now we’ll shoot that, we’re excited,” said Silver.

At the moment, Sherlock Holmes 3 is still without a release date, but fans can at least take solace in the fact that the sequel looks to be moving forward at Warner Bros., with Silver – and RDJ – seemingly committed to getting it made. Right now, it really just sounds like it’s a matter of when rather than if.

Solving the screenplay mystery will presumably take precedence for the time being, as Robert Downey Jr. finishes up his time with Marvel, but once Iron Man’s said his goodbye to the MCU, you can bet that he’ll start hopping into all the other projects that’ve been piling up on his plate lately. This being one of them.

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