Shia LaBeouf Attached To Horns


Joe Hill, the son of Stephen King, had his book Horns picked up by Mandalay Pictures a few years ago. It lay dormant for a bit but now it looks like the project is picking up as Shia LaBeouf is set to star and will also supposedly play a large role in the development of the project. In Treatment writer Keith Bunin will be tasked with the job of adapting and the director’s chair is still open.

The book tells the story of “a 26-year-old man who wakes up one morning from a blackout hangover and finds horns sprouting out of his head. As the horns grow bigger by the day, the reason why seems to lie in the unsolved murder of his girlfriend.” Sounds a bit cheesy and ridiculous but if LaBeouf is attached I’m giving it a chance. I like LaBeouf a lot as an actor and am always interested to see what he does on the big screen.

When the project will go into production is anyone’s guess. It may be a while though as LaBeouf is quite a busy guy, especially with the news that he may be the next Jason Bourne. Either way, he’s attached and will be a major part of the development. I for one am looking forward to it.

What do you think?

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