Shia LaBeouf’s New Movie Is Now Streaming On Netflix

Shia LaBeouf

It’s easy to assume that your Netflix watch list is already miles long this month, as the service has unloaded a substantial amount of content to stream for January over the last few days. If you haven’t done so yet, you should definitely take a look at such huge additions as the classic mob flicks Goodfellas and The Departed, hilarious teen comedy Superbad, and beloved Robert Downey Jr. movie Sherlock Holmes. If you’ve already checked those out, though, you may want to divert your attention to today’s new addition of the latest effort from Shia LaBeouf.

Pieces of a Woman is now available to stream on Netflix and the drama from director Kornél Mundruczó tells the story of a young couple – played by LaBeouf and The Crown‘s Vanessa Kirby – who opt for a home birth for their new baby, but when the midwife’s mistakes lead to an unspeakable tragedy, the two are set on a path of mourning and long-lasting grief.

Pieces of a Woman

It’s certainly a heartbreaking film with plenty of distressing subject matter, so it’s probably not for everyone, but critics have widely agreed that the emotionally raw performances from the cast make it a truly compelling experience for those able to withstand it. It currently sits at a respectable 80% on Rotten Tomatoes and should make for a powerful watch if you’re open to its somber story.

If you can’t quite muster up the energy for such a sad tale, however, there’s always plenty of other new stuff on Netflix this month. But tell us, what have you been streaming lately? And will you be checking out Shia LaBeouf‘s latest movie? Let us know down below.