Sylvester Stallone Says Rambo V: Last Blood Has Been An Amazing Journey


In 1982, Sylvester Stallone introduced cinema audiences to the character of John Rambo. Since then, he’s become an icon of the action genre, with 2008’s Rambo being particularly praised by fans for refusing to pull any punches when it came to violence. The success of that film, coupled with the Stallone’s acting in the Creed movies garnering wide acclaim, makes Rambo V: Last Blood a particularly interesting proposition.

It seems as if everything’s running pretty smoothly on the project, too, as Stallone recently posted a short video on Instagram to confirm that shooting has concluded, as well as reflecting on the twists and turns that the Rambo story has taken over the years.

So, what’s Rambo V going to be about? Well, we’ve known for a while that the villain in the movie will be Mexican drug cartels, but a recent post from Splash Report fleshed out the plot quite a bit.

Apparently, the pic “begins with a violent and horrific cold open,” which sees a cartel kidnapping a young girl for their sex trafficking ring. The film then takes us to Rambo’s Arizona ranch, where Sylvester Stallone’s character leads a quiet life but suffers “severe PTSD,” necessitating the assistance of a caregiver.

Rambo’s brought into the action, however, when he finds out that his caregiver’s daughter is among those kidnapped. The hero then journeys to the “base of operations for the cartel,” where he puts up a good fight but is ultimately “beaten half to death.” John’s subsequently nursed back to health by the kidnapped girl’s sister Carmen Delgado, played by Paz Vega, and after bonding over their shared mission, the pair then return to the fight for some climactic carnage.

Sounds like a decent plot to us, and with any luck, Rambo V: Last Blood will be another exciting outing for the iconic action hero.