Netflix Added Some Interesting New Titles Today

Lenox Hill

With temperatures on the rise and no end of summer in sight, we become increasingly thankful for the time we spend inside our air-conditioned homes, comforted by the silence which we have grown used to during quarantine, and entertained by our one and only true friend: Netflix. And so, on that note, here’s what’s new on the platform today, June 24th.

First off we have a documentary called Lenox Hill. Developed by Ruthie Shatz and Adi Barash, and starring John Boockvar, David Langer and Mirtha Macri among others, it follows the lives of doctors and nurses working at the Lenox Hill Hospital in upper Manhattan. Christened as one of the most poignant docuseries of the year, its latest episode is centered around, you guessed it, COVID-19. Specifically, it will explore how the employees of this hard-hit hospital dealt with the pandemic.

Up next we have another documentary, this one called Athlete A. Veering more towards the crime genre rather than the medical one, it exposes the pervasive physical and sexual abuse that took place behind the scenes of the USA gymnastics team over the last decade. Created by Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk, this 103 minute feature dives into news stories first reported in 2016, but which had been covered up for years prior.

Lenox Hill

Last but not least, Netflix will be adding a Spanish drama called Nobody Knows I’m Here. Directed by Gaspar Antillo and starring Jorge Garcia alongside Luis Gnecco, it tells the life story of Memo Garrido, a onetime child star who grew up to spend his adult life living in crippling loneliness and fear. That is, until a certain person arrives to give him purpose once again.

Aside from these entries, Netflix will also be adding the 2020 film Bulbbul and the original series Crazy Delicious today.