Shuri Will Reportedly Become The New Black Panther Sooner Than Expected

Black Panther Shuri

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s long game has always reportedly been for Letita Wright’s Shuri to eventually step up and inherit the mantle of Black Panther similar to her comic book counterpart, but those plans look to have been accelerated in the most tragic of circumstances following the passing of Chadwick Boseman.

Understandably, the actress has refused to be drawn into the speculation given that Boseman’s friends, colleagues and former collaborators are still coming to terms with his loss, but Marvel Studios are eventually going to move forward on Black Panther 2 without their leading man. And given the huge impact that the first movie had on both the industry and the public at large, the best thing the sequel could do is build upon the legacy established by Boseman’s regal performance.

Black Panther 2 will be looking to deliver a fitting tribute to the actor’s iconic turn as T’Challa while also furthering the in-universe narrative, and insider Grace Randolph is now claiming that Shuri will be anointed as Wakanda’s new protector almost at the start of the sequel, which is a move that the overwhelming majority of people were expecting Marvel to make. Though perhaps not quite this soon.

As you can see, Randolph’s update comes with the caveat that T’Challa will be killed off in an opening battle sequence, which needs to be handled very delicately by the filmmakers. In terms of sheer emotional impact, Black Panther 2 is already guaranteed to be the most powerful entry into the long-running franchise yet, and Letitia Wright will look to shoulder the immense burden of leading a series that means an awful lot to millions of people around the world while also honoring the legacy that her predecessor left behind as the title character.