Sigourney Weaver Added To The Cast Of Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters


After lashing out at fans who have been critical of his female led Ghostbusters reboot yesterday, director Paul Feig has taken to Twitter today to reveal that Sigourney Weaver will be showing up in the movie. This means that the Alien star will be joining original cast members Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and Annie Potts, but based on other recent comments from the filmmaker, he was hoping that these would be kept a secret.

Set photos and the usual leaks have stopped that from being the case, and it’s easy to see Feig’s frustration with that in the Tweet he shared to announce Weaver’s involvement with his take on Ghostbusters:

“Gang, trying to keep surprises but this is about to leak, so I’ll tell you myself: the awesome Sigourney Weaver is going to be in our movie!”

The big question for fans of the franchise is whether Weaver will be showing up as Dana or Zuul, but based on the reboot’s other cameos, chances are that she’ll be someone new. After all, Aykroyd has confirmed that he’ll be playing a taxi driver, Murray is expected to show up as a ghost sceptic, and Potts is going to be a receptionist.

These cameos are sure to please some, but is there really any point to them? Let us know your thoughts below, Ghostbusters fans!

Source: Variety