A Quiet Place: Part II Super Bowl Spot Reveals First Look At John Krasinski

A Quiet Place: Part II

“Your father will always protect you. Your father will always protect you. Always.”

Crowned as Rotten Tomatoes’ best-reviewed horror movie in 2018, A Quiet Place was a massive success for writer-director-actor, John Krasinski and impressed just about everyone who saw it. Pulling in a whopping $340 million, with a budget of only $20 million or so, it clearly made Paramount pretty happy, too, and no doubt made it easy for them to push ahead with a sequel.

And now, with A Quiet Place: Part II getting ready to hit theaters on March 20th, the studio has used the Super Bowl to ramp up the hype for the next chapter of this intriguing new horror franchise. Yes, as you can see above, Paramount dropped a creepy new TV spot for the sequel ahead of the big game on Sunday which teases all of the terrifying things to come next month.

As made clear by this new promo, Emily Blunt reprises her role as Evelyn Abbott in Part II, while Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe will be back as well as Regan and Marcus, respectively. But it won’t only be them that the film focuses on, as this preview also gives some time to a few of the newcomers in the cast, including Cillian Murphy.

And while Krasinski’s Lee Abbott met a tragic fate in the first movie, we do get to see him here in an apparent flashback to before the events of the first film. How big of a role he’ll have remains to be seen, but it’s nice to know that the actor will be showing up in front of the camera for at least a little bit.

We’ll find out for sure though just what Paramount us up their sleeve for us with the sequel when A Quiet Place: Part II creeps into cinemas on March 20th.