Silent Night Unwraps First Official Poster And Numerous Stills

Looks like Christmas is coming early for horror fans this year, as Santa is crossing people off his list whether they’re naughty or nice – except instead of delivering presents filled with holiday cheer, he’ll be doling out violent slayings, and melting snow will run red with the blood of his victims. You’ll definitely be wishing for a Silent Night after this Santa Claus comes to town.

Yes, thanks to Anchor Bay, we’ve received the first glimpses into their loose remake of the 1984 Christmas slasher Silent Night, Deadly Night, as well as the official theatrical poster that will welcome viewers when Silent Night opens in ten select cities on November 30th, 2012.

Check out the official synopsis below for more details:

A loose remake of the horror classic Silent Night, Deadly Night, the film’s stellar cast includes Malcolm McDowell (Rob Zombie’s Halloween/Easy A), Jaime King (Sin City/My Bloody Valentine 3D), Donal Logue (Shark Night 3D/Blade), Lisa Marie (Sleepy Hollow), Brendan Fehr (Final Destination/X-Men First Class), and Ellen Wong (Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World).

McDowell and King star as a small-town sheriff and deputy on the hunt for a murderous Santa Claus terrorizing their community on Christmas Eve. But with the streets full of Santas for the annual Christmas parade, the killer is hiding in plain sight. He’s made his list, checked it twice, and the naughty are going to pay with their lives.

Christmas themed horror films are something dear to my heart, as I enjoy the fun horror directors have injecting their terrifying genre into more cheerful holidays. Let’s hope director Steven C. Miller (Automaton Transfusion/The Aggression Scale) can give us a reason to think twice about letting some fat man in a red jumpsuit magically maneuver down our chimneys and take all our cookies.

Consider this an early Christmas present, and let us know what you think about your first look at Silent Night! Be sure to see if your city is one of the lucky ones to screen the film November 30th, and check it out if you can!