Another Hero Rumored To Appear In Avengers: Infinity War


We’ve known for a long time now that Avengers: Infinity War would feature a whopping 67 significant characters, but apparently, the movie still has room for one more hero from Marvel’s back catalogue. That’s because new evidence suggests that another web-slinging ally of Spider-Man’s will put in an appearance at some point.

This rumor gained traction after IMDB’s Twitter account shared a run-through of Tiffany Espensen’s filmography, which revealed that her credits had been updated with an appearance in Infinity War. Fans might remember that the young actress previously appeared in Spider-Man: Homecoming as one of Peter Parker’s classmates. She was listed as playing Cindy, a name which caught the attention of comic book readers.

In recent time, it’s been revealed that Peter’s former classmate Cindy Moon was also bitten by the same spider that got Peter, leaving her with similar powers. After escaping from a bunker where she was held for 20 years, Cindy became the hero Silk. This is something IMDB are alluding to in their Tweet with the use of a spider emoji. It’s worth mentioning that this was retweeted by Robbie Thompson as well, the writer of the Silk solo comic series, which goes some way to vindicating the fact that the character might appear in Infinity War.

Still, we shouldn’t let ourselves get too carried away with this news. While it’s perfectly possible that Cindy could become Silk in, say, the Homecoming sequel, Marvel are unlikely to drop the character’s transformation into an already overcrowded team-up movie which is set to focus on established heroes rather than new ones.

It’s much more likely, then, that Cindy will appear in the same way she did in Homecoming, as one of Peter’s quiz team pals at Midtown School of Science and Technology. After all, we’ve already learned that some other Homecoming supporting stars will appear in Infinity War and judging by this, there will probably be a scene where Peter has to ditch school in order to go help out the Avengers – it might even serve as his introduction in the film.

We’ll find out for sure when Avengers: Infinity War lands in cinemas on May 4th, 2018.