Simon Kinberg Says Reports Of Him Directing X-Men: Supernova Were “Premature”


With the last full-fledged team-up entry in the franchise already almost a year behind us now, fans and filmmakers alike have had X-Men: Supernova – the supposed title of the series’ next outing – on their minds. And although not many concrete details have surfaced as of yet, all signs point towards it adapting The Dark Phoenix Saga.

Knowing that Bryan Singer probably won’t return anytime soon, the question has remained as to who’ll direct the next major installment. One obvious choice that recent reports seemed to solidify was that of Simon Kinberg, who’s already penned several screenplays in the franchise and runs all things X-Men over at Fox.

Well, it seems that somewhere along the way, somebody jumped the gun, as Kinberg himself clarified things in a recent interview with

“They didn’t announce it, somebody broke a story about it that’s premature, but we have been talking about what the next X-Men movie would be since post-production on the last X-Men movie. We are prepping the film, can’t say much more than that, but we’re excited to get back into telling the story of the mainland X-Men.”

If he were to find himself in the director’s chair though, here’s a basic idea of how he’d go about it:

“I’ve had the good fortune of working with a lot of good directors, from Bryan Singer to Ridley Scott to Sir Kenneth Branagh, and I’ve also had the opportunity to work with directors that aren’t as good and I learned a lot of lessons from those directors as well. I really like my job, I really like writing and producing movies. If that was my job for the rest of my life I’d be a very lucky man. My directorial style would probably be very similar to my writing and producing style, which is very collaborative.”

One thing’s for certain: Whether or not Simon Kinberg takes the gig, they’re going to have to find somebody to direct X-Men: Supernova pretty quickly if actress Sophie Turner’s claim that filming begins this year is true. If that is, in fact, the timetable we’re on, it also means that casting news should start trickling out of Hollywood shortly, so be sure to stay tuned for more.

Source: Coming Soon