Simon Pegg Says Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek Movie Could Still Happen


There’s been a lot of talk over the last few weeks about whether Quentin Tarantino’s long-in-development Star Trek movie is going to be made. The director recently commented on his potential move away from the project, which could be his tenth, and reportedly final, picture, but Simon Pegg has given hope to fans wanting to see a Tarantino Star Trek movie by claiming that the director’s take on the franchise is still on the table, at least as far as he’s concerned.

In an interview with GoldDerby about Star Trek’s future, Pegg had this to say about the potential film:

“As far as I know, Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek idea is still kind of in the mix. That’s down to Q.T. as far as what he wants to do next.”

Although Pegg did admit he has a habit of “talking out of my ass,” it does seem that Tarantino is still connected in some way to the franchise, even if it’s just on the level of a script or a pitch. Apparently, he sent his idea for a Trek movie to J.J. Abrams, with the pitch then going through a writers’ room at Paramount. Mark L. Smith, screenwriter of The Revenant and Overlord, drafted a screenplay that’s now pending Tarantino’s feedback.

Whether or not QT takes a closer role in this picture is hard to say, although it will almost certainly follow Noah Hawley’s Star Trek 4, which will feature the Kelvin timeline cast. Paramount recently announced that two Star Trek movies are in active development, meaning that the Tarantino take could be presented in a few years’ time. Given that there’s a finished draft of the screenplay, and the cachet of Tarantino’s name, it’s not unreasonable to assume at this point that Paramount will do something with it.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the first time the director has provided a killer story or screenplay treatment to another filmmaker, with Tarantino working on True Romance and Natural Born Killers at the beginning of his career. For now, though, we’ll be looking to QT and an official announcement from Paramount as to the future of his Star Trek movie.

Source: GoldDerby