Simon Pegg Has No Idea If The Reboot Cast Will Do Another Star Trek Movie

The biggest question hanging over the Star Trek film series is plain for all to see. What’s next? A fourth movie in the reboot saga has drifted into development hell, with a perfect storm of factors putting the brakes on any immediate sequel to Star Trek Beyond. And from the cast’s point of view, one reason above all others stands out.

According to Scotty actor Simon Pegg, Anton Yelchin’s tragic death just a month before that film’s release “took the wind” out of the cast. Here’s what Pegg told Collider about the status of Star Trek 4:

“One thing I did mention when I spoke about it recently is that for us, losing Anton Yelchin the way we did was a real blow. And I think it slightly took the wind out of our sails in terms of our enthusiasm to do another one, just because we’re now missing one of our family. He would be conspicuous by his absence.”

As for keeping in touch with the rest of the cast and Star Trek’s future, Pegg said:

“We’re all still in contact, we were emailing with each other the other day, just checking in, ‘how are we,’ and stuff. But it’s not like any of us have been banging on the door at Paramount saying, ‘Hey, when are we doing this?’ If they say, ‘We’d like to do another movie,’ I’m sure we’ll all jump at the chance. I miss those guys, and I love making those films. But I just don’t know. Noah Hawley’s project has been mentioned, and maybe that will happen. I don’t know anything about that. So yeah, I’m as in the dark as everyone else, I’m in the same boat as you guys.”

Unfortunately for fans of the film franchise, it doesn’t look like the reboot generation is any closer to getting back together on screen. Yelchin’s death was devastating, and though Beyond’s financial performance pales in comparison, the truth is when it disappointed at the box office, neither Paramount nor the cast had an immediate desire to get a new film off the ground. Then ensued contract disputes, alternate projects (including a Tarantino feature that never got made). It’s been a distressing, messy end for a film series that burst Star Trek back into the mainstream in such a show-stopping way.

But the future isn’t totally bleak. I’ll draw your eyes to Pegg’s mention of a new project being overseen by Noah Hawley. It doesn’t appear to be Star Trek 4, or involve any of the reboot cast, but it could be a new beginning. Star Trek has regenerated on the big screen before, and this looks like a watershed moment for it to do so again.

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