Sinister Director Scott Derrickson Will Helm The Postmortal


Scott Derrickson has a lot on his plate right now. After giving us the very successful, and very enjoyable horror flick Sinister, he found himself with a whole host of projects lined up. For one, he has the Sinister sequel (which I cannot wait for), he has the adaptation of the hit video game Deus Ex: Human Revolution, a real-life crime thriller titled Beware the Night and now, he’s taken on yet another movie. That’s right, Derrickson is now attached to direct an adaptation of Drew Magary’s novel The Postmortal.

If you’re unfamiliar with the story, check out the plot summary below:

Imagine a near future where a cure for aging is discovered and-after much political and moral debate-made available to people worldwide. Immortality, however, comes with its own unique problems-including evil green people, government euthanasia programs, a disturbing new religious cult, and other horrors.

Derrickson has only just optioned the novel, so the project is in its earliest stages. There’s no word on whether or not the director will pen the script too, but it’s certainly a possibility as he’s a solid screenwriter and would no doubt be capable of handling the double duties of writer/director.

Though I haven’t read The Postmortal, it seems like a cool story and could make for an interesting sci-fi/horror flick. Like I said above, I really loved Sinister and am thrilled to see Derrickson taking on all these projects. The Postmortal seems like another great film for him and I cannot wait to hear more.

What do you think of Scott Derrickson helming The Postmoral? Have you read the novel? Do you think it would make for a good film? Let us know in the comments below.