The Sinister Six Said To Be Sony’s Answer To The Avengers


After the box office success of Venom, Sony is in a surprisingly strong position to push forward with their plans for their own cinematic universe, with standalone projects for Morbius, Kraven the Hunter and Black Cat, among others, reportedly in the works. But if Sony is really looking to replicate the success of the MCU, then all these solo movies should be leading up to the saga’s big Avengers-style culmination point, and going by a new report from the New York Times, that could be where the Sinister Six come in.

In the midst of discussing the array of big-budgeted sequels that Sony has lined up, the piece observes how the studio is “aggressively mining the rights it holds to Marvel characters in the Spider-Man comics family,” and after offering a few examples of Marvel adaptations on the way, the report adds that “the Sinister Six could be Sony’s answer to ‘The Avengers.’”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard talk of the Sinister Six potentially serving as the big team-up moment for Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters. As a matter of fact, Sony Pictures producer Amy Pascal mentioned only last month that she’s “just waiting for Drew [Goddard] to be ready to direct it,” adding that she would “do anything” with the Cabin in the Woods helmsman, but is just waiting to hear what he wants.

Goddard himself, meanwhile, has hinted that the project could move forward eventually, but before we can see the Sinister Six assemble, the SUMC likely has at least a couple more features lined up in the meantime. For one thing, Venom 2 is now officially in the works, and while a release date has yet to be announced, a report from last year suggested that Eddie Brock could be making his return to theaters in October 2020.